When it comes to popular plant combinations, we know our stuff! There are plants that work well together; plants that don’t go well together; plants that look okay together; and plants that look absolutely stunning together! You can guess which we’ll be talking about today – yes, we’re going for the absolutely stunning category.

For plant combinations that will dazzle your guests, bring show-stopping beauty to your front garden and just be an utter feast for the eyes, read on.

Plant Combinations You’ll Love

All gardeners long for a garden that’s well balanced yet complimented in texture, colour, and form. However it’s not always easy to create complimentary plant combinations that are  both beautiful and contrasting at the same time – this is where we come in!

1. Salvias & Roses

pink roses and purple salvias

With upright stems, Salvia flowers contain slender spires of rich violet blue flowers. They’re an iconic garden favourite for good reason as they compliment a lot of flowers that also like full sun. Roses are a wonderful plant to pair with your Salvia plants, especially those in white, yellow or pink shades.

Get the look:

Salvia ‘Caradonna’

Rosa ‘Constance Spry’

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2. Lamb’s Ears and Roses

lamb's ear and yellow rose bush plant combination

A beautiful icy contrast with the vibrancy of the yellow roses, this plant combination consisting of Lamb’s Ears and Roses is one guaranteed to delight the eyes. From furry looking leaves to delicate rose petals, this combination has a wonderful contrast in texture which simultaneously creates the perfect match of softness.

Get the look:

Rosa ‘Golden Showers’

Lamb’s Ears ‘Silver Carpet’

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3. Hydrangeas & Astilbe

hydrangeas and astilbe plant combination

Hydrangeas are a prolific flower in the garden which can cause a statement just being planted among themselves in a bush like setting. However, you can also plant them with other plants for a border that is bountiful with blooms. This combination of pink astilbe with white hydrangeas adds a pop of colour that contrasts wonderfully with the lace effect of hydrangea petals.

Get the look:

Hydrangea ‘Little Spooky’

Astilbe ‘Bressingham Beauty’

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4. Golden Prairie Collection – Rudbeckia, Carex & Crocosmia

golden prairie plant collection

Prairie style planting schemes generally refer to light and airy looking borders that contain lots of movement and typically require little maintenance once established.

A bright golden planting scheme with vibrant oranges, sunny yellows and other warm tones is an often welcomed choice for a garden. With mood-boosting hues, this plant combination is a masterclass in garden colour schemes done right. Offering an impressive display of feel good colour from early summer to mid to late autumn, the daisy-like Rudbeckia flowers usually respond well to sunny or partially shaded spots. Crocosmia brings additional height to the border and using a fiery orange variety will break up and inject another dimension of colour into the border. The Carex will provide colour year round while Rudbeckia and Crocosmia flower in the summer and early autumn.

Get the look:




5. Agastache & Helenium

agastache and helenium plant combination

Joosh up your borders for several weeks from midsummer with this pollinator attracting pairing of Agastache and Helenium. Bees are very fond of these plants and they’ll put on an exceptional show full of pollinators and vibrancy during the summer. The contrast of colour and shape is what makes this partnership truly wonderful, plant a succession together in a border for an energetic feast for the eyes.

Get the look:



6. Echinops & Achillea

echinops and achillea

This plant partnership is all about strong structural elements! Echinops are spherical in shape and almost globe thistle like, they have bright blue flowerheads and grey-green prickly leaves. Achillea is one of the largest yarrows with flat flowerheads of deep yellow and fern like foliage. Plant this pairing in a sunny spot in your garden for a bee loving border.

Get the look:

Echinops ‘Veitch’s Blue’

Achillea ‘Taygetea’

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7. Angelica & Agastache

angelica and agastache plant combination

A match made in heaven! Adding drama and height to a border, Angelica is a stunning architectural plant that has dome shaped flower heads appearing on red tinted stems. Agastache is an upright bushy perennial, perfect for the middle of a sheltered, sunny border. The two work wonderfully together to create a visually bold flower bed that you’ll never tire of looking at.

Get the look:


Agastache ‘Little Adder’

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8. Tiarella & Brunnera

tiarella and brunnera

Perfect for ground cover, this plant combination strikes a perfect balance between dark and light. Tiarella has attractive, deeply lobed leaves with a small dark blotch in the centre and can grow up to 30cm. In late spring, they produce slender stems of elegant blush white flowers. Similarly, Brunnera has beautiful verdant foliage, the large mid-green leaves are complimented with tall sprays of tiny bright blue flowers, resembling a similar look to forget-me-nots. Plant the shade loving Tiarella and Brunnera in a shady spot under trees or shrubs, lining a woodland path or in a border for a delightful display. 

Get the look:

Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’

Brunnera Siberian Bugloss