There are a variety of rodent repellers on the market but what is the best mouse and rat repellent? Read on to find out more and what we recommend for your home.

Rodent repellents include targeting both mice and rats. All of our ultrasonic repellents are non-lethal and come in both plug-in and battery-powered variants. To make our ultrasonic repellers the most effective, there are 2 main methods used: ultrasound and electromagnetic.

rat poking up through roof tiles


Ultrasound has roughly a 400 sq ft range in an open environment, however, ultrasound doesn’t travel well through solid objects. Therefore, this repeller won’t be effective for rodents inside of walls, cupboards, ceiling and floors. However, many repellents relying on this system alone are battery-powered and could be tactically positioned to maximise effectiveness.


In the context of rodent repelling, electromagnetic technology is used as an additional or backup system to ultrasound. This system is capable of penetrating through solid objects. The unit will create an electromagnetic field around the repellent and utilise the wiring in your home to help extend it throughout your home. This electromagnetic field is uncomfortable for many types of rodents to reside in and will cause them to naturally avoid the area after a period of time.

All repellents are designed to be low powered, costing roughly 1.5p a day. Due to the technology used in these repellents, they are also effective against some insects, but completely ineffective against your pets. You can rest assured knowing your pets will be unaffected entirely by the methods used for the repeller, unless you’ve got your own Mickey, Rizzo or Stuart Little at home. If this is the case, we would suggest alternative methods of rodent control.

whole house ultrasonic rodent repeller by pestbye

What is the best mouse and rat repellent?

Ultrasound-based repellents are extremely effective at close range or in wide open spaces. If your property has lots of walls, especially thick walls or the repeller will be hidden behind furniture, then try a device that also utilises electromagnetism as it may be more effective. Repel rodents while preventing the nasty clean up and hygiene issues that come with lethal trapping methods.