With tall stems of bright coloured blooms, Gladioli flowers are a firm favourite among gardeners for good reason, but when do they flower in the UK? Typically Gladioli flower from 10 to 14 weeks from when you first planted the bulbs into the ground. Flowers are usually produced from late June through to early July. However, you can strategically plan for them to flower earlier in the year or into early autumn.

Do Gladioli flower every year?

Gladioli can flower every year although the bulbs need to be lifted and protected in the colder months. Once your Gladioli have finished flowering, cut back the stems to 3-4 inches tall and lift the bulbs out of the ground.

To preserve the bulbs, it’s very important to allow them to dry and keep them in a dry, cool, frost-free environment over the colder months. To avoid rotting, you must also make sure that the bulbs have good air circulation.

When you’re ready to plant them the following year, your bulbs should be perfectly fine to plant and bloom happily during the summer. 

close up of orange gladioli flowers

How long do Gladioli flowers bloom in the UK?

Gladioli flowers typically flower for up to three weeks, depending on the variety. If you’d like to have a floral display for longer than three weeks, it’s a good idea to gradually plant your bulbs in batches.

If done successfully, this means that they’ll flower at different times, allowing you to enjoy the flowers for longer.

How many times a year do Gladioli bloom?

Gladiolus will only bloom once per season so it’s worth planting your bulbs every few weeks to extend the display of your flowers throughout the summer months.

pink and yellow gladiolus flower

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