The substantial difference between spring/summer bedding plants is winter bedding plants are hardy and will take the cold and dampness of winter, giving you a show of colour in the shorter months.

As you look out the window and start to notice that the nights have started to get longer, and the days get shorter your summer bedding plants will start to come to an end you can plant out your winter bedding plants.

Generally, the earlier you can plant them out, the better, ideally if you can plant in early autumn. This gives them the maximum time to grow and start before the winter. Of course, it’s up to you if you feel it is worth sacrificing the last of the summer flowers for a little more winter colour.

When you remove the summer bedding plants don’t forget they will all go on the compost heap.

As you plant your winter bedding plants you can place bulbs under them, giving you continuity of colour out of the winter into the spring.

Best winter bedding plants

The best autumn and winter bedding plants will give you colour not just in autumn but over the winter and on into the spring, they will be just as happy in a container or hanging basket as they will be in the ground. You can combine your winter bedding plants with structural plants or topiary to give the garden more form in the winter and don’t forget many larger plants will look fantastic when lit up with outdoor lights in the winter.


Top tips for growing winter bedding plants

You can grow winter bedding plants in hanging baskets, pots, and containers, they are much more than just garden plants.

If you plant in containers, make sure you replace the compost before you plant your winter bedding plants, most if not all the nutrients will have been used up by the summer bedding plants.

Do not forget to water your winter bedding plants, they won’t need a lot, but they will require some, especially in pots and containers. If you give them too much water this can lead to them rotting.

To get more flowers from your winter bedding plants remove or deadhead any flowers that have started to fade.

Make sure you pick the best varieties that can withstand the colder temperatures and heavy rain of UK winters, at Primrose we have already done this for you, these are just a few of our favourite winter bedding plants.

Pansy ‘Swiss Giants’ Mixed Seeds | Viola X Wittrockiana | By Mr Fothergills

Pansy ‘Golden Yellow’ | 10.5cm Pot | Pansy Cool Wave®

Pansy Cool Wave® ‘Strawberry Swirl’ | 10.5cm Pot

and of course, we love our Primroses!

Popular varieties of winter bedding plants include Primulas, Pansies, Violas and more. Grab yours today at Primrose!