how to protect water features against frost

Winter can be a hard time for water features, in particular the ones that live outside. Follow this advice to protect your water feature against frost, so you’ll keep your fountain at its best for years to come.

Never allow ice to form in your water feature. Ice forming can damage the pump and a deep freeze can even cause the structure of the water feature to crack in some cases. There are two ways you can achieve this, one is to simply pour the water out of your water feature when temperatures plummet and store it, perhaps with the help of a water feature cover.

The other way is to use Fountain Frost Free from Primrose. Treating your water with this will prevent ice from forming and is not harmful to birds or wildlife, making it great for bird baths and ponds too. Fountain Frost Free works to as cold as -6 degrees, so in the UK climate you’re unlikely to have any problems – if you’re living somewhere with a really deep freeze however, it would be advisable to drain your water feature instead.

With birdbaths, it is particularly important to clear away any snow and not to allow ice to form, as this can prevent the bird getting access to the drinking water. You can simply break the ice when it forms, or use Fountain Frost Free – used in the correct quantities, this leaves the water perfectly safe for birds to drink from.

Follow this simple advice and you’ll be sure to have a pristine water feature and pump next spring.


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