Are you concerned about protecting your small pets from predators?

Unfortunately, for many small pet owners, foxes are a worry when it comes to caring for your pets in outdoor hutches or cages. Foxes can strike at any time, day or night so it is always best to consider repellent options before it’s too late. Despite the fox’s success in breaking into your rabbit or guinea-pigs hutch, shock alone is enough to harm or kill your beloved small pets, especially if they are young. Remember, prevention is always the best cure.

There are a number of useful methods designed to deter foxes and protect your small pets. We’ve put together a list to help you decide the best option for your circumstances.


Scent Repellents

A popular option for many worried pet owners, is the Scoot fox scent repellent. This non-toxic formula is used to keep foxes away from your hutches and your garden for good. Scoot works to trick the predator into believing that it is walking in the territory of another fox, causing it to vacate the premises. The biodegradable product is safe for use on gardens and crops, working to mimic the scent markings of foxes and deter the attention of others.

Observing the behaviour of an existing fox will be highly useful in determining where to apply the fox scent repellent. If you are unsure of where to apply the product, it is recommended to begin with perimeters and places where existing fox scent can be smelled. Be sure to apply the product to any areas of “scorching” on lawns, as this is indicative of persistent fouling. Application will need to be repeated as advised, for optimum results.

Spray Repellers

Alternatively, a safe and effective option that also protects your garden from other pests such as un-welcomed cats or squirrels, is the Jet Spray Repeller. A motion sensor detects movement of a warm body, triggering a water spray response. Of course, if your small pets are likely to trigger the motion sensor, ensure that the repeller is triggered in an appropriate position away from their cage.The repeller connects to your garden hose, and it will not release the five second spray unless triggered, meaning no water wastage as a result.


Ultrasonic Deterrents

Ultrasonic repellers trigger a short burst of noise, designed to discomfort the fox. The frequency of the sound is too high to be heard by human ears, but it is effective for dogs and cats. Birds will not be deterred or dis-encouraged by the repeller from your garden. The sudden burst of sound typically lasts for around 25 seconds. Designed to operate day or night, rise or shine, the battery powered Advanced Fox Scarer by PestBye is easy to install and simple to use. For a mains powered option, the PestBye Ultrasonic Pest Repeller includes a strobe light combined with the ultrasonic to unnerve unwanted visitors. It is recommended to be mindful of your small pets’ hearing and responses to this type of repeller. However, its effectiveness should not be ignored. If you’d like to prevent unwanted visitors in your garden, place an ultrasonic repeller near where they enter your outdoor space, but far enough away from your hutch.


Guard your garden by installing fencing in your outdoor space. The most optimum fencing will include chicken wire around the base of the trellis to prevent a fox from getting through any small gaps or anything getting out! Be sure to keep a close eye on any gaps or holes where a fox could gain entry to your garden, you’d be surprised at what small gaps they can squeeze through!

Electric fencing is also an option for protecting your garden from foxes. When touched, the transformer gives off a low and harmless electric pulse. The shock is enough to warn off unwanted visitors, causing them to avoid your garden in the future, without causing them long-lasting harm.

Keep your hutches safe, locked, and structured at all times to ensure your bunnies or guinea pigs are safe. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, prevention is always the best cure! View Primrose’s full range of fox repellents here.

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