Picture this; it’s a warm summer’s day, there’s a cool breeze in the air and a cold drink in hand. What a shame it would be for your precious wooden furniture to be decaying after the constant rain Britain has to offer. 

Luckily, there’s ways to protect your wooden garden furniture to prevent this from happening. Most of which you can easily do at home!

Protecting Hardwood Furniture

Different types of wood require different protection. Let’s begin with hardwood. 

Hardwood is generally longer lasting, but with the caveat of expense and the fact it can’t be painted. Fortunately, hardwood finishes hold up much better. For hardwood, we recommend that you give you hardwood a thorough brush down annually. 

After the brushing, mix a mild solution of soap and water to give it a wipe down. Then rinse off with clean water from the hose or a watering can and let it dry in the summer’s heat. 

Teak Garden Bench
Teak Garden Bench


Some hardwood can be Teak. This requires a special Teak protector such as this Ronseal oil. This is specially crafted for Teak, helping it maintain its reddish/brown colour. Without Teak oil, Teak will turn to a grey/silver finish. 

While it’s not required to keep its reddish/brown look, as it’s personal preference – it’s likely you bought Teak for a reason! 

Other hardwoods

Other woods require special attention to. Oak, for example, shouldn’t be treated with oil or sealants. This causes the wood to turn black. But if washed and brushed annually, your hardwood furniture will stay looking brand new for years to come.

paint brush varnishing wood

Protecting softwood furniture

Softwood on the other hand, can be painted but is less forgiving. Much like Hardwood, we recommend washing down your furniture annually. There are specialist wood cleaning products available for this. Softwood should be treated regularly otherwise the joints will start cracking and loosening, which can cause rot. To treat softwood furniture, apply the treatment solution using a paint brush in warm, dry conditions and let dry. Once fully dried, you can apply an oil based paint of varnish. 

With annual treatment, your wooden garden furniture can be used and enjoyed for years to come, and always ready for any spot of summer that Britain has to offer.

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