Making sure you use all the space you have efficiently in your greenhouse can be a great deal. This will allow you to be more organised and productive with the task at hand. Find out ways to organise your greenhouse in this blog and as they say; clear greenhouse, clear mind…


Organisational Zones

Organising your greenhouse into zones is one of the best tips I would suggest. This method will help with using space efficiently and you’ll know exactly where everything is! Some of the zones you could have can be a storage zone, waste zone, potting zone.

Talking about plants, be sure consider what your plants need and work your zoning around that so that your plants can flourish the best they can. To make it easier, consider grouping them by water requirements or types to make life a little easier!

Staging and Shelving

Staging and Shelving is a fantastic way to use the full height of your greenhouse. These are ideal to use as tables to store all your potted plants and early propagation. There are plenty of Staging and Shelving you can choose from. These include wooden or metal, different colours and comes in many sizes to ensure you have the perfect one for your greenhouse.

Not only does it saves space, it can be re-positioned in any way you like as your preference may change throughout the year.


Storage tubs/Bucket

Storage tubs/buckets can be very useful to store all your tools and bags of compost that have been open. Say goodbye to hassle of having to move everything to get your tools out as a storage bucket will allow you to store and use your tools anytime you like! Try and get a bucket/tub with a handle too; it’ll make it easier moving your tools around the garden and greenhouse.

Care of Waste

Taking care of waste is vital when wanting to keep your greenhouse clean and organised. As mentioned in the zoning paragraph, be sure to have a corner zone for your waste. I would suggest splitting this up by waste you can throw in a compost and one for general rubbish. You can use bins (if your greenhouse is large enough) or buckets to ensure everything is in order.

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