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On the Primrose Blog, you'll find everything you need to turn your garden from good to great. Through planting guides, style advice, gardening info and more, become a gardening expert with the help of our writers and guests!

  1. The Best Plants For Pots In The UK

    The Best Plants For Pots In The UK
    The best plants for pots are those that don’t need too much space. If their roots don’t go too deep (unless you have a large planter), you’re pretty safe to plant whatever you want in a pot. Just don't overwater - look out for good drainage! Some plants do better than others though. These plants play well with their friends...
  2. How To Grow Asparagus In The UK

    In the wild, asparagus often grows in coastal habitats where it thrives in soils that are too salty for normal weeds to grow. The first shoots that appear in the spring and are picked first are known as 'sprue asparagus'. This first batch has thin stems: the next crop will be thicker, but no less flavoursome.   If you are...
  3. When To Plant Violas In The UK

    You can plant out your viola plants in early spring or early autumn, depending on when you want them to flower, Violas are best grown in a cool position in partial shade, though they will take full sun if kept moist. Both violas and pansies are suitable for a wide variety of garden situations, such as the front of a...
  4. Top Tips To Get The Most From Your Wallflowers

    Popular for their brightly coloured flowers and delightful fragrance, wallflowers, or Erysimum, are excellent flowers for your garden. To get this flashy flower growing in your green space, we’ve gathered all our gardening know-how right here for you. Whether you’re looking for care tips, or how to seed wallflowers, we’ll have it all in this post. Read on for all...