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  1. Worried about Frost? Here's the Solution!

    You've enjoyed your awnings, garden furniture and water features all summer, but now it's time to protect them from the winter and the frost. We've got the solution for you! Take our Fountain Frost-Free for example: Developed exclusively for Primrose, it is a safe, environmentally friendly way to protect your water feature, birdbath, pond and pump from freezing in temperatures to -6 degrees without compromising the...
  2. Shelter in the Garden

    Shelter in the Garden
    Well, after all that lovely hot weather we had in spring, the summer so far has been a bit disappointing! Sometimes hot, sometimes fresh, often humid – we’ve even had thunderstorms! However, even though it hasn’t quite been the summer we might have hoped for, there’s still no reason why you shouldn’t continue to enjoy your garden. Whether the sun...

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