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  1. Do Awnings Need Planning Permission?

    The need for planning permission is a concern for many considering an awning for their home or business property. We've shared some simple advice below to help you work out whether your project will require permission. It's worth sharing your plans with your local authority if you are in doubt, and be aware that it generally takes between 4 and...
  2. Stylish Shade as seen on Love Your Garden

    Enid and Robbie's story on ITV's Love your Garden last night was special. Having been close friends since 1945, they now live together and care for each other. Robbie's deteriorating eyesight meant that she was unable to even go in their garden and, over time, the weeds took hold. As she's also suffering from a type of skin cancer, it's...
  3. Happy Easter from Primrose!

    Whether you're celebrating with family or just relaxing, we hope you'll have a fantastic time this Easter holiday. If you're looking for a day out this Easter and are local to the Henley-on-Thames area, we'd love to see you stop by our new concession area at Toad Hall garden centre. We've also got a voucher for a free tea or...
  4. Worried about Frost? Here's the Solution!

    You've enjoyed your awnings, garden furniture and water features all summer, but now it's time to protect them from the winter and the frost. We've got the solution for you! Take our Fountain Frost-Free for example: Developed exclusively for Primrose, it is a safe, environmentally friendly way to protect your water feature, birdbath, pond and pump from freezing in temperatures to -6 degrees without compromising the...

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