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  1. Autumn Garden Jobs

    I'm getting tired of writing about the weather - and I dare say you are getting tired of reading about it. Besides, there are so many jobs to get on with we won’t have time to pause for breath, and it all starts with my favourite plants - Dahlias! Dividing Dahlias Likely as not, frost will hit us sometime in...
  2. Creative Watering on the Allotment

    Creative Watering on the Allotment
    As I mentioned before, we share our allotment with some good friends who also happen to be our neighbours. Our plot is no more than 150 yards from where we all live and this allows us to visit daily without any great inconvenience. We find that we are able to each do our bit and there are no cross words...
  3. Planting out Potatoes and Beans

    Planting out Potatoes and Beans
    Having returned from a week away, I was delighted and yet shocked to see how my beans and potatoes had progressed. The bean seeds had been planted just a few weeks ago and placed in my newly constructed growing rack. Thanks to a week of extraordinarily hot weather, they had not only germinated, but grown a good 6 inches! They...
  4. Planting Out

    Planting Out
    The dreary rain-filled days of April seem to be a lifetime ago after the recent mini-heatwave and certainly in terms of growing there have been some big changes. Our small seeds have taken every ray of sunshine and seem to have gone from sorry-looking water washed items to sprouting shoots of growth. We share the allotment with another family –...

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