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  1. How to Make Your Own Bird Feeder

    The long awaited Big Garden Birdwatch has finally arrived this weekend – hooray! With this handy guide we will teach you how to make an irresistible bird feeder no sparrow could refuse! Many of us may notice our little visitors in the garden, but do we really know what kind of bird it is? Luckily for you, our beautifully illustrated...
  2. Wildlife in the Garden

    Wildlife in the Garden
    I do love encouraging wildlife into the garden; isn't it great when something decides to take up residence in your patch? Continue reading →
  3. Poppies from the Malvern Spring Show

    Poppies from the Malvern Spring Show
    In May I went to the Malvern Spring Show along with my lovely husband and his parents. There was so much to see at the show, I’m not sure I managed to get round to everything. The show gardens were lovely and they gave you a real sense of what can be created with a great deal of knowledge and...
  4. Sunshine, Apples, and Stawberries

    Sunshine, Apples, and Stawberries
    Isn't it amazing how a dash of sunshine and a splash of rain can really kick-start the garden into 'growing mode'? Taking advantage of the sliver of sunshine yesterday, I ventured into the garden to see how things were coming along. The hyacinths are open, brightening up some pots with their gorgeous colours not to mention smelling divine. The weeds...

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