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  1. How to Pest-Proof Your Compost Bin

    Composting is a great way to reduce the waste you send to landfill and produce organic fertiliser for your plants. One of the biggest concerns around having a compost bin in the garden is whether it might attract pests or vermin. The short answer is yes, it can. But that’s why we’ve gathered advice to ensure you can build a...
  2. How To Compost

    Why Compost? There are countless benefits to composting and it is easier to get started than a lot of people think! When you use it as a soil amendment it improves the soils structure, provides a source of plant nutrients and stimulates beneficial organisms. Other benefits include saving money you may be spending on expensive soil amendments and reducing waste...
  3. Why should I compost?

      Composting is a huge trend in the gardening community and it has become a household norm to have a compost bin alongside your general waste and recycling bins. Although the thought of composting may seem cumbersome, there are a tonne of fantastic benefits of making your own compost. Monty Don has shared his pearls of wisdom regarding the best...
  4. Should I Sterilise My Compost?

    There are mixed opinions about whether you should bother to sterilise your compost. Some gardeners choose not to, which is fine, but we believe there are many benefits to this very simple process: It kills off harmful bacteria. Some may argue that in turn you will be killing useful bacteria but this is not the case. The only way you will...

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