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  1. What Is A Narcissus Flower? And Other Narcissus Questions

    What Is A Narcissus Flower? And Other Narcissus Questions
    A Narcissus flower is a daffodil, a perennial trumpet-shaped flower where Narcissus is the Latin name and daffodil the common. Every daffodil is a Narcissus, but not quite every Narcissus is a daffodil (sneaky jonquil). If you're ever unsure what that yellowy-whitey-reddy trumpet-flowered plant you're looking at is, call it a Narcissus and Google won't prove you wrong. We've gone...
  2. Get your spring garden ready now with 3 for 2 on all bulbs!

    Choose from the following spring bulb varieties: Alium Crocuses Daffodils & Narcissus Hyacinth Tulips RHS award winning bulbs Anemones Snowdrops Foxtail Lilies Bulbs ordered will be shipped in the first week of October so they get to you at the perfect time for planting. Even better - we quite possibly have the cheapest delivery costs on the internet! Get your spring garden...
  3. Daffodil Disaster

    Daffodil Disaster
    I love the arrival of daffodils in my garden. They signify the start of spring and their blanket of yellow is like a wash of sunshine after a dreary winter. It saddens me when they begin to fade and I look forward to their return the following year. This season I vowed to pay special attention to my daffs, in...

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