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  1. The Corpse Flower

    One of the latest additions to our range of plants, trees and bulbs is the amorphophallus konjac which belongs to the araceae family. It is a unique plant in many ways - its looks are most certainly unique, but really it is known for its rather pungent smell. We think it's possibly the stinkiest flower we can grow in the...
  2. How to Make Patio Fruit Trees Work for Your Garden

    The benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables are something that we are all well aware of. Eating our “five a day” has become a great benchmark for us all to adhere to as we try to stay fit and healthy. Boost Your Fruit Intake Eating vegetables is the easy part, as we can simply eat our greens with a...
  3. Your New Year's Resolutions!

    Last week we asked you for your new year’s resolutions on Facebook and love the responses we got: Cat: Finally finish writing something! Barry: Carry out orders of Head Gardener less painful that way. Jacqui: To laugh more! Jackie: Stop my dog digging my lovely garden. Captain: Tonnes of them. Judi: More reading, more learning and more development for 2013...
  4. Sunshine, Apples, and Stawberries

    Sunshine, Apples, and Stawberries
    Isn't it amazing how a dash of sunshine and a splash of rain can really kick-start the garden into 'growing mode'? Taking advantage of the sliver of sunshine yesterday, I ventured into the garden to see how things were coming along. The hyacinths are open, brightening up some pots with their gorgeous colours not to mention smelling divine. The weeds...

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