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  1. Mrs. P the Mama Bird's Story, Part 2

    Mrs. P the Mama Bird's Story, Part 2
    It’s the little things sometimes, isn’t it? I’ve been so pleased with progress so far in renovating my garden and sifting through all the ideas that keep drifting into my head, that I sometimes forget that it is the maintenance things that give the full effect. So I cut the grass! It’s getting easier now because the garden’s divided and...
  2. Operation Dandelion

    Operation Dandelion
    Our next guest blogger is Charlotte, telling us about her struggle with everyone's favourite little yellow nuisance... I’m ashamed to reveal that my lawn contains a higher proportion of moss and daisies than grass. However, I can live with this; in fact I find the happy faces of the little daisies smiling at me rather pleasing as I wander down...

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