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  1. More Than Honey

    If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. Albert Einstein We have spoken about our love for bees before - Claire has done two excellent posts on saving the bees and farming alternatives that don't involve the use of neonicotinoid pesticide. In addition to producing honey, bees are...
  2. The neonicotinoid ban - farming alternatives

    Yesterday a European commission vote passed a ban on neonicotinoid pesticide use. One of the major arguments against implementing this ban was farmers' worries about a loss in income. British farmers have been spraying pesticide “insurance” treatments to prevent crop loss and damage, for over a decade. It is unlikely that treatment is necessary for all crop pests on such...
  3. Save the bees!

    Our Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is looking at the consequences of restricting the use of imadacloprid, the most widely used insecticide in the world. A series of publications appeared in 2012 bringing the severe impact of this insecticide to light. Over the past few weeks the media have latched on to this and discussion is building around the idea to...

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