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  1. Painting in a Thunderstorm

    Painting in a Thunderstorm
    Lou C is back with more adventures in her garden renovation from last month... I don't care what the weatherman says... It's spring! Well, according to the calendar anyway. Normally by now we would be experiencing an abnormally early heatwave, at least a quarter of the population would be grilled a painful shade of pink by the sun and gardeners...
  2. Mission Almost Impossible: Montana Clematis

    Mission Almost Impossible: Montana Clematis
    Here's a guest post by Lou C, on her adventures wrangling her Montana Clematis plants earlier this month. May bank holiday -- A time when gardeners traditionally overexert themselves in the garden and bedding plants come out to play. Suddenly everyone is a gardener and the neighbourhood battles of the baskets commence. Unfortunately, this May everyone is a little behind...
  3. More Gardening Quotes

    More Gardening Quotes
    Did you enjoy our last post of gardening quotes? Here's another batch of inspiring and beautiful quotes. "Plants give us oxygen for the lungs, and for the soul." -- Linda Solegato "If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere." -- Vincent van Gogh "I perhaps owe becoming a painter to flowers." -- Claude Monet "Flowers are our greatest...

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