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  1. What is a Fibrecotta Planter?

    There are a lot of different planters out there, with styles to match every garden design and climate. With so much choice it can be hard to know what to buy; a stone planter may look nice but might be too heavy, a zinc planter may give you the sleek look you want, but not be strong enough. If you...
  2. Nothing Beats Relaxing Around A Primrose Firebowl

    The sun is setting, and the evening is cooling. The sausages upon my BBQ have left me drooling. With water and squash, and a dash of fizz, Topped off with cake, this evening is bliss. The wood upon the pit is crackling for hours, Alongside the beauty of the summery forest flowers. Easy to construct, robust and sturdy, We'll be...
  3. Keep the party going - Garden Party Essentials

    Keep the party going - Garden Party Essentials
    Summer has slowly approached us in the UK, and even with the interruptions of rainy showers, it’s not enough to dampen our spirit. We’re sure you have something to celebrate this summer, whether it be: a wedding or engagement, a birthday party, a new home, a new baby or simply because you want to have a party! So why not...
  4. Choosing the Best Awning for Your Patio

    Awnings can add great style and some fantastic colour to your home’s patio. On hot sunny days, you can sit out and have a barbecue while enjoying the shade and the comfort they provide. There are many awning options available so it can be difficult to find the ideal fit for your patio. There are open awnings, full cassette awnings...

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