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  1. Making Lists: What Plants Rabbits DON'T Eat

    Making Lists: What Plants Rabbits DON'T Eat
    I do love making lists – it helps to organise my mind, but inevitably one list leads to another and so on… Continue reading →
  2. Sunshine, Apples, and Stawberries

    Sunshine, Apples, and Stawberries
    Isn't it amazing how a dash of sunshine and a splash of rain can really kick-start the garden into 'growing mode'? Taking advantage of the sliver of sunshine yesterday, I ventured into the garden to see how things were coming along. The hyacinths are open, brightening up some pots with their gorgeous colours not to mention smelling divine. The weeds...
  3. How to Catch a Mouse

    How to Catch a Mouse
    Want to know how to catch a mouse? We've made a fun video giving you some helpful tips.
  4. Dealing With Slugs And Snails

    Dealing With Slugs And Snails
    Usually one of the few benefits of a cold, snowy winter is that it helps to kill off pesky slugs and snails. Unfortunately, this year we have had such a mild winter that the little pests have thrived, hit by nothing more than the odd day of rain and very occasional light frost. As most gardeners know, slugs and snails...

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