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  1. Rain Wreaking Havoc - Mr Digwell

    Rain Wreaking Havoc - Mr Digwell
    Where does it come from, all this rain? Our village has been flooded a number of times in the last month, and billions (literally) of small stones about the size of a walnut have been washed out from the ancient quarries, up on the moors and have crashed into our gardens and messed them completely. The council have been out clearing the mess for days and there is more rain to come! All that is nothing compared to my missing my old friends this summer. Let me explain. Continue reading →
  2. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather
    After weeks of glorious sunshine, my garden was blooming and the vegetables I had started from seed were all progressing better than anticipated. So much so that I had bravely put many of them outside to harden off before being transplanted. What a mistake! One night last week the weather took a turn for the worse and my once beautiful...
  3. June in the Garden - Mr Digwell

    June in the Garden - Mr Digwell
    The biggest joy in the garden - hardy Fuchsia are so delicate yet tough as old boots!Actually, most of June so far has taken place in the shed, the greenhouse, the kitchen, the garage - almost anywhere but the garden! The problem with a wet June is that as far as the plants go, on the whole, it is heaven and we humans have trouble keeping up with them. Continue reading →
  4. Painting in a Thunderstorm

    Painting in a Thunderstorm
    Lou C is back with more adventures in her garden renovation from last month... I don't care what the weatherman says... It's spring! Well, according to the calendar anyway. Normally by now we would be experiencing an abnormally early heatwave, at least a quarter of the population would be grilled a painful shade of pink by the sun and gardeners...

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