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  1. Storm spoils Nicole's SleepOut plans - For now!

    Like an excited child I counted down the days until the 28th of July for the National Garden SleepOut, supporting charities and encouraging more children outdoors. After several practise runs of popping the tent up and playing camping in our living room with the children, we were confident we could handle everything the great outdoors threw at us - except the weather had different ideas. Continue reading →
  2. Oh What a Night! - Our SleepOut

    As an avid gardener and fan of the great outdoors, I am keen to support the National Garden SleepOut event which, whilst promising to be good fun, also supports some worthy charities. There's just one little thing I'm lacking: A place to pitch a tent or roll out a sleeping bag. I don't fancy trying to sleep on our grassy incline (too steep) and we don't have any other patch that is big enough to pitch a tent so we're planning to do the next best thing and spend the evening out in the garden, cosied up in our wooden reclining chairs with pillows and blankets until the small hours and retire to the floor of our garden room that opens out onto our patio when our spines tell us we should finally decide to call it a night. If that isn't until the next morning then so much the better. Continue reading →
  3. SleepOut on the Allotment

    Like many others across the country, we are getting ready for the National Garden SleepOut event that is taking place tonight kindly sponsored by Primrose. I love the idea of this and as a family we will be keen to take part in this every year. Continue reading →
  4. Are You Ready for the National Garden SleepOut?

    Are You Ready for the National Garden SleepOut?
    Get ready, because Saturday 28th July is the National Garden SleepOut - a chance for kids and adults to spend quality time together out in the garden, rediscovering nature and having fun! We're trying to combat the cultural change that some are calling 'Nature Deficit Disorder' - a lack of outdoor play in children's lives. People are losing touch with...

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