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  1. Geoff Stonebanks on Using Slug Repellents

      When you open your garden to the public, it’s important to  me to ensure that all my blooms and foliage look the best they possibly can. With planting so tightly packed to achieve the look I want, it’s very easy for slugs and snails to hide away amongst the foliage unnoticed. Now, I have to admit, I’m not one...
  2. Rabbits, Primroses, Lavender and Slugs!

    We have received several questions for our gardening expert Mr Digwell lately. Here are his answers: What kind of plant can plant that bunny rabbits don't eat? There are lots of rabbit proof plants. My favourites are Astilbe - with their wonderfully coloured flowers, Galanthus (snowdrops) because they are so wonderfully cute and Hydrangeas. Actually the RHS do a list...
  3. Victoria's Garden Buzz

    Victoria's Garden Buzz
    You should hear my garden, humming and buzzing with activity. You’d have thought our coldest April would have put paid to anything I’d planted early, but it’s as if nature simply went to sleep and woke up so fresh and revitalized that the herbaceous plants and vegetables are reaching double their usual height and you can almost watch them growing...
  4. Dealing With Slugs And Snails

    Dealing With Slugs And Snails
    Usually one of the few benefits of a cold, snowy winter is that it helps to kill off pesky slugs and snails. Unfortunately, this year we have had such a mild winter that the little pests have thrived, hit by nothing more than the odd day of rain and very occasional light frost. As most gardeners know, slugs and snails...

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