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  1. Keeping Your Trees Alive In The Great Heatwave of '18

    When you think of British summer time you might think of maybe a few sunny days where you can enjoy a refreshing glass of pimms in your garden. Or you think of the fact that whenever anyone suggests a barbeque it starts raining. You definitely don’t expect there to be endless sunshine with soaring temperatures for weeks on end. You...
  2. How Summer Pruning Brings out the Best in Your Fruit Trees

    Summertime is the perfect time to do some pruning on your fruit trees and give them the attention they need. Who Do Summer Pruning? When you prune trees like apple and pear trees in summertime, you allow in more sunlight and also let some air in to reach your fruit. This helps fruit to grow larger and have more flavour...
  3. The Rowan Tree and Its Fantastic Berries

    The Rowan tree, commonly referred to as the ‘Mountain Ash’, has become an incredibly popular tree in the UK; especially in urban spaces as they are known to thrive in harsh conditions with compact growing habits. You have more than likely come across several already this year, especially as during this time of year as they display attractive bunches of...
  4. How to Plant a Bare Rooted Tree

    Dig a big hole November is the ideal time for planting bare rooted trees. Essentially this is a tree grafted onto a root that controls the growth of the tree. In recent times there has been a move away from grafted plants, especially in roses. You can buy ‘own root’ roses, mostly imported from America. But the majority of...

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