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  1. Essential tools for the spring garden

    Essential tools for the spring garden
    There are a handful of garden tools that every gardener should have in the garden store. We're not going to get into power tools (useful though they may be) here, but stick to the tried and trusted power-free hand tools that everyone should have come spring. There are lots of tools out there, a number with special uses and niches, but these...
  2. How To Grow Vegetables In Containers

    Growing your own vegetables is not only a fun and rewarding pastime, but it provides you with a crop of tasty, fresh, chemical-free produce for your kitchen. But if you don’t have a large garden or an allotment on hand, never fear. Most varieties can be grown in containers, so even if you only have a window box or a...
  3. How To Start A Vegetable Garden

    Growing your own vegetables can be a highly rewarding pastime. Not only does it produce a fresh supply of delicious, ripe vegetables, but it also reduces the need for plastic-wrapped supermarket produce, protecting the environment, and can be highly beneficial for your mental health. Some may be put off growing their own produce, thinking it’s difficult, expensive, or you need...
  4. Seasonal Greenhouse Gardening

    Seasonal Greenhouse Gardening
    Greenhouses help us in creating stable conditions for nurturing and growing a wide variety of plants. During the colder parts of the year, greenhouses allow us to store, prepare and grow so we can extend the success of our gardens throughout the whole year. Below are just a few greenhouse gardening ideas that you can make use of throughout the...

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