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  1. December Gardening Jobs

    December Gardening Jobs
    An exciting start to a new season, December is all about the run-up to Christmas and the possibility of snow this winter! Although braving the outdoors could be the last thing on your mind this month, getting outside in your garden could be exactly what you need to beat the winter blues. Gardening connects us with nature and gives us...
  2. Planning Ahead For Spring

    Planning Ahead For Spring
    When the weather is cold, the last thing you want to do is get outside in the garden. During spring and summer, flowers bloom and vegetables are ready to be planted and harvested. Winter, on the other hand, tends to be the quieter season. However, while your plants are dormant, there’s plenty you can be doing this season to prepare...
  3. How to Help Welcome Wildlife this Winter

    As the leaves are changing from green to golden and autumn seems to be surrounding us everywhere we know, Wildlife from every nook and cranny is searching for somewhere to go. As frost becomes bitter, and food becomes scarce, animals need a new home. This guide will help you transform your garden into a safe haven, meaning no animal will...
  4. Bird Care in Winter

    Winter can ruffle a few feathers for birds. For wild birds in particular, winter can be a harsh time of year. As they are unable to hibernate like many other species, the ones that don’t migrate to warmer climes have to fend for themselves during the cold winter days and nights. As the temperature plummets, the sparsity of food...

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