Boavista Stone BBQ Grill H195cm x W124cm

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Boavista Stone BBQ Grill H195cm x W124cm
Boavista Stone BBQ Grill

This great looking BBQ will really bring your patio to life and is sure to become the main focal point of your garden.

These BBQ's are made from re-constituted stone, which doesn’t require painting. Their design also incorporates special heat-retaining bricks and an easy-fire aluminium alloy plate and ashbox for easy fire lighting. Fired with charcoal or wood, they will give your food that all-important natural barbecue flavour. Once the cooking's done this great BBQ offers you a fantastic source of heat, perfect for entertaining all year round.


  • Adhesive for self assembly
  • Stainless steel grill, adjustable on five levels
  • Easy-fire aluminium plate and ashbox


    Height 195cm (76.7 inches) Width 124cm (48.8 inches) Depth 56cm (22 inches)

    Table Height 91cm (35.8 inches)

    Cooking Area Width 84cm (33 inches) Depth 40cm (15.7 inches)

    Weight 730kg

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