Contemporary Stone Waterfall
Contemporary Stone Waterfall
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2 Bowl Granite Ripple Cascading Water Feature with lights W54cm x H82.5cm

Code: WF10116
2 Bowl Granite Ripple Cascading Water Feature with lights W54cm x H82.5cm

This striking monochromatic water feature is perfect for becoming an eye catching centrepiece in any modern garden. The two spouted bowls are carved into the upper curve of the water feature, making them appear suspended in the air, while water trickles between them and into the ribbed urn below. Constructed from cast polyresin, this feature has been finished by hand to beautifully mimic both polished and raw stone. Far more lightweight than real stone, this feature is easy to place almost anywhere in your garden.

  • Unique design - This striking water feature combines dark and light stone colours for an eye-catching effect
  • Comes with LED lights - This water feature comes with three LED cluster lights, illuminating the water and making it great for using at night
  • High quality polyresin construction - Polyresin is a durable yet lightweight material, making it easy to position your water feature wherever you like
  • UV balanced and Frost resistant - Polyresin's flexible properties make it great for resisting frost damage. UV Balancing helps to slow colour loss in bright sunlight and resist UV damage.
  • Fully self contained - Completely self contained, this water feature can be placed almost anywhere in the garden without needing to purchase or dig an external reservoir
  • Width 54cm (21½in) x Depth 29cm (11½in) x Height 82.5cm (33in)
  • Comes with 10m cable

This striking water feature has been constructed from polyresin for extra durability and a longer lifetime. This innovative material can be beautifully moulded and finished to resemble real stone while having a significantly lighter weight, making it easier to position in your garden. Polyresin is also frost resistant, making this water feature great for having outside all year round. It has also been UV balanced to help prevent discolouration and deterioration in strong sunlight.


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