New Zealand Broadleaf Hedging

Commonly planted in coastal areas, broadleaf hedging will thrive in exposed locations and salty soils. Native to New Zealand and South America, broadleafs can commonly be found growing by the sea, hence their latin name Griselinia littoralis with littoralis meaning “by the sea”.

Fascinatingly, broadleafs is part of a community of plants that evolved millions of years ago on the supercontinent of Gondwana that once connected Antarctica with what is now Africa, Asia, Australasia, and South America. Surviving only in temperate climates, broadleafs were slowly replaced by other species as the continents drifted North to towards warmer climates.

Also known by the Maori name kapuka, New Zealand broadleaf is considered the broadleaf of choice and recommended by the RHS. With an average growth rate (20-40cm per annum), this evergreen cultivar possesses fantastic yellow stems and glossy green foliage. A more recent introduction ‘Dixon’s Cream’ is more leafy in habit with green leaves and cream edges with the degree of variegation depending on local conditions.

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