Bronze 6ft Jumping Horse and Jockey Statue

Code: DF8276
Bronze 6ft Jumping Horse and Jockey Statue
This gorgeous bronze statue exudes magnificence. The unity of the jockey and horse in tandem combined with the excellent detail of the obstacle, horse and rider make this an absolutely mesmerizing sculpture.

The strong bronze of this statue gives a hint towards mahogany and will maintain its fantastic sheen with maintenance.

  • Bronze alloy - durable weatherproof body also uses copper for extra strength
  • Towering height - ample height makes this statue a breath taking centre piece
  • Realistic detailed design - perfect for equine lovers as a classic statement
  • Complete with Verdigris bronze base for grass effect - green effect created through natural chemical reaction is rustic
  • Height 181cm (5ft 11in) x Width 115cm (3ft 9in) x Length 260cm (8ft 6in)
  • Weight 150kg
  • Material Bronze 70% Copper, 30% mixture of Tin, Zinc & Nickel


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