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Bruce the Bull Recycled Steel Cooler with Wheels (Large)

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Bruce the Bull Recycled Steel Cooler with Wheels (Large)

This striking large Bruce the Bull cooler is an entertaining dream. The heavily insulated cooler is designed to keep drinks cool in the high Australian temperatures for up to 4 hours, so should work an absolute treat here in Britain! This zany cooler features an ultra modern feel which will bring an individualistic edge to your home or garden. Made by welding together cut pieces of recycled coloured steel drums, the cooler you receive will be totally exclusive in its look.

The artistic composition is made ethically using recycled Vietnamese 44 gallon oil drums and by employing local workers. This is not only an eco friendly and socially conscious method, but one which delivers unique designs each time.

The top of the cooler opens up to reveal ample space to keep beers, wine, soft drinks and more cool and fresh. Featuring a bottle opener on Bruce the Bulls bottom and wheels under the back legs, you can relax in your garden and crack open a cold one even in the height of summer. This cooler comes complete with a simple drainage plug to make draining melted ice easy. A wonderful gift to yourself and loved ones alike, this brilliant cooler will always get people talking.

The wonderfully unique and artistic joy of this eco friendly cooler will bring a quirky and exciting quality to any home or garden.

Unique Cooler

The ethos of Think Outside means taking the outer city culture of initially Africa and now Vietnam and using a business model which seeks to empower its workers in Vietnam by training them and giving them new skills. The inspiration from both Africa and Vietnam combined with the vision of Australian designer Aaron Jackson is visible in the very idiosyncratic style of the collection.

Due to the innovative and hand made nature of this invention, each piece is entirely unique.

Environmentally Friendly and Ethically Aware

The structure of this beautiful creation is made largely from recycled oil drums. By using existing steel, there is a huge reduction in carbon footprint-from mining for ore to converting into steel. Production of sheets is also absent in the process, so this method of recycling is very environmentally conscious.

Working in the countries of inspiration and equipping local workers with new skills and jobs is an integral part of the philosophy in the creation of these recycled products. Contributing to the local community that has influenced this range is an invaluable quality.


  • Bottle opener on rear - this cheeky bull even features a bottle opener on its bottom
  • Wheels on back of cooler - useful wheels make transporting this cooler a cinch
  • High quality insulation - keep drinks fresh and cold in this free standing cooler
  • Ethically made - support workers learning new skills in Vietnam
  • Totally unique sculpture - no two designs will be the same
  • Hand made - each item is hand made in Vietnam
  • Simple drainage system - simply unscrew to drain melted ice
  • Lacquered exterior - is designed for the outside and will age naturally and beautifully
  • Recycled material - structure also uses timber from environmentally stable sources
  • Creative design - forward thinking design is charming and fresh


  • Height: 87cm (2ft 10in)
  • Width: 64cm (2ft 1in) 
  • Depth: 105cm (3ft 5in)

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