Bust of Antonia Stone Statue

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Bust of Antonia Stone Statue
Bust of Antonia Stone Statue

Also known as Clytie, Antonia was the daughter of Mark Antony and mother of the Roman Emperor Claudius. Roman, and from around AD 40-50, the original was said to be from near Naples, Italy, and now resides in the British Museum. This statue is handmade in composite stone.


  • Classical features - modelled on a renowned Roman beauty
  • Based on a real piece of Ancient Roman history
  • Will develop an antique patina and attract moss and lichens
  • Appreciates value as it changes with age
  • Handmade from composite stone

Antonia was renowned for her beauty and virtue, and her family relations, so this piece is bound to bring historical weight and classical charm to your indoor or outdoor space. Modelled on a statue now found in the British Museum, this statue is a real piece of history, and once it develops an aged patina, or a fine covering of moss, no one but you will know that you don't have an ancient relic in your possession. As the statue changes with age, it will develop individual character, and pieces have been known to be worth many times their original price at auction houses. Handmade, this piece is made with care and attention, and developed to age quickly and beautifully.


Height 59cm (1ft 11¼in) x Width 39cm (1ft 3¼in)


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