Bust of Hadrian Stone Statue with Base

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Bust of Hadrian Stone Statue with Base
Bust of Hadrian Stone Statue with Base

Hadrian was a Roman emperor, is particularly famous in the UK, largely thanks to constructing Hadrian's Wall. He was known to admire the Greek civilisation, was regarded as a humanist and is considered to be one of the 'Five Good Emperors'. This statue has been handcrafted in reconstituted stone, which has almost exactly the same appearance as quarried stone.


  • Reconstituted stone - almost indistinguishable from quarried stone
  • Handmade in the UK - casting process and stone crafted by hand to ensure the highest quality
  • Stone composition enables spontaneous moss growth - quickly develops an antique patina, blending in with your garden
  • Please Note: Corbel is not included
  • Total height with base: 48cm(11.8in)
  • Base height:11cm(4,3in)
The structure of the stone encourages moss and lichen growth; this enables the piece to acquire an antique appearance so that it will effortlessly blend in with the surroundings of your garden. This statue has been handmade by specialist craftsmen in the UK, who ensure that every piece meets the same high standards. Reconstituted stone has been around for centuries, but first became very popular in stately homes in the 16th century. In the 20th century, the method of creating reconstituted stone improved so that it became possible to create sculptures that are even more durable and hard-wearing.

Hadrian was Roman Emperor from 117 to 138. As well as constructing Hadrian's wall, he rebuilt the Pantheon and constructed the Temple of Venus and Roma. He was famous for his many building projects and even had a city, Hadrianopolis (Adrianopolis), named after him. He was a passionate admirer of Greece and endeavoured to make Athens the cultural capital of the Empire. He traveled around the Empire more than any other emperor, and was known to dine and sleep among his soldiers.


Height 48cm (1ft 7in) x Depth 20.5cm (8in)
Base diameter 15.5cm (6½in)

Weight 15kg


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