Bust of a Roman God Stone Statue

Code: DF0329
Bust of a Roman God Stone Statue
Bust of a Roman God Stone Statue

This bust is modelled in the shape of a Roman god, or perhaps a young hero, with flowing locks and a soft smile to his face. Based on classical statues of the gods, this bust will smile benevolently down from an alcove or wall, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor placement.


  • Classical style bust
  • Handmade in composite stone
  • Stone will develop an aged patina and attract moss and lichen
  • This item will accumulate value as it ages

This classical style bust is in the shape of a Roman god, with good proportions and look of a young, smiling man. Handmade with care and attention, the stone will develop an aged patina, which simply adds to the classical look of the piece. If kept in a shady area, moss and lichens will colonise the statue and give it more of a sense of age. The added grandeur of the aged look will add value to your statue - items have been known to sell at auction houses for many times the original price, due to the unique, ancient look of the piece.


Height 84cm (2ft 9in) x Width 58cm (1ft 10¾in)

Weight 65kg


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