Capi Tutch Cube Planter 30cm - Grey

Code: PP2381S
Capi Tutch Cube Planter 30cm - Grey

This chic and fashionable planter makes the perfect setting for a garden centrepiece, particularly on a deck or patio area. The rigid cubic design of this planter contrasts with your beautiful garden plants, creating a stylish garden display. This long-lasting planter can stay with you for up to a decade, and are virtually unbreakable, being impact, frost and UV resistant.


  • Elegant design - this chic modern planter will look great either alone or with a set in your garden
  • Virtually unbreakable - incredibly tough high quality plastic design means this planter is incredibly impact-resistant
  • Frost resistant material - flexible construction means this planter is more resistant to frost damage
  • UV resistant for colour longevity - this planter is UV resistant, making its colour last longer in areas of bright sunlight
  • 10 year guarantee - guaranteed to last a decade these planters will see you through seasons to come

  • Height 30cm (11in)
  • Width 30cm (11in)
  • Depth 30cm (11in)

Additional Shapes and Sizes
Planter Shape Planter Size Price Height Diameter Weight
Capi Tutch Round Planter H34cm x Dia35cm - Grey Small 44.99  36.99 34cm
(1ft 1in)
(1ft 2in)
Capi Tutch Round Planter H41cm x Dia43cm - Grey Medium 59.99  46.99 41cm
(1ft 4in)
(1ft 5in)
Capi Tutch Round Planter H52cm x Dia54cm - Grey Large 129.99  94.99 52cm
(1ft 8in)
(1ft 9in)
Capi Tutch Cube Planter 30cm - Grey Small 34.99  29.99 30cm
Capi Tutch Cube Planter 40cm - Grey Medium 59.99  54.99 40cm
(1ft 4in)
(1ft 4in)
Capi Tutch Ball Vase Planter H32cm x Dia40cm - Grey Small 44.99  39.99 32cm
(1ft 1in)
(1ft 4in)
Capi Tutch Ball Vase Planter H48cm x Dia62cm - Grey Medium 139.99  109.99 48cm
(1ft 1in)
Capi Tutch Low Vase Planter H36cm x Dia26cm - Grey Small 32.99 36cm
(1ft 2in)
Capi Tutch Low Vase Planter H47cm x Dia37cm - Grey Medium 59.99  49.99 47cm
(1ft 6in)
(1ft 3in)
Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 1.0/5 (1 review)

Rating: 1/5

"The planters have become water stained after only been outside for a couple of weeks. I will be taking photographs and sending these directly to Primrose."

Reviewed Monday, 19 September 2016

Primrose says: "Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that this planter has become water stained. Please send the images to customer services in order to discuss a replacement or a refund."

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