Anti-Shatter Safety Window Film Class B - 100microns
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12.00 9.99
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Anti-Shatter Safety Window Film Class A - 175 microns
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Car and caravan film - light tinted

Code: FILM024
Car and caravan film - light tinted

Cut glare, UV and heat build up in the car. Stop thieves from seeing in.

Width: 152cm / 5ft

Note: Not suitable for polycarbonate windows or front windscreen.

Fit on Internal face of front side windows, rear windows or back window.

This film reduces glare from the sun by 17% and it reduces solar heat gain by 16%. It also reduces heat loss from the car during the winter.

Manufactured using an advanced ultra-transparent polyester just a few microns thick, with an anti-abrasive (anti-scratch) coating and resistance to discolouration.

Please note you will not be able to open the windows for one week after installation. 5 year guarantee.

Performance stats

  • Allows 73% of visible light through
  • Reduces the sun's heat by 16%
  • Reduces the sun's glare by 17%
  • Reduces damaging UV light by 99%
Please note: This is only available in increments of 1m
Windscreen car and caravan film - light tinted

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