Cherry Blossom Trees

Also known as Japanese cherry or 'sakura', cherry blossoms well sought after for their beautiful blooms.

When buying a flowering cherry tree, the first question is: How much space do you have?

Weeping cherry trees are perfect for smaller gardens, so too are columnar. However, if you are looking to make more of a statement, then there are plenty of larger upright and spreading varieties to choose from.

Most people have a colour in mind already, usually either pink or white, but there are a multitude of shades in between too. You should be able to find a few options for each shape in each colour at least, but the majority fall into the upright and spreading category.

Flower type is important too. There are really showy double blossoms or more delicate single petal like flowers amongst a range of others. It is usually best to flick through a few photos to see which one takes your fancy.

Once you have considered these parameters it becomes much easier to decide on which cherry tree is perfect for your garden. Try using our refine-by to help narrow down the options.

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