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Chrysanthemum 'Payton Blaze Red' | Main Season Outdoor Spray | 5 x Plug Plant

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Enjoy a brilliant display of unique and colourful flowers this autumn...

Chrysanthemums are widely noted for their long lasting flowers that comprise of a generous rosette of delicate florets. As such, they are perfect for providing gardens with elegant floral interest when other plants have temporarily died down. Also known as 'mums' or 'chrysanths', these herbaceous plants will complement any landscape with their vivid blooms. For the most flourishing display, we recommend that you plant them in well-drained soil that has enough moisture. However, Chrysanthemums will tolerate most soils, which makes them wonderful for the beginner gardener!

Planting Tip

Deadhead spent blooms for a further flush of flowers...

  • Vibrant Flowers
  • Easy to Grow
  • Mid-Season Flowering
  • Great for all Gardens
  • Suitable for Pots
  • Supplied As:  5 x plug plant (diameter: 3.1cm, height: 3.5cm)
  • Flowering Period:  September to October
  • Level of Care:  Medium
  • Special Care:  Try to water at the base of the plant
  • Preferred Location:  Full sun is best
  • Soil Type:  Moist, well-drained

About your Plant

Our Chrysanthemum plants are lovingly grown by our trusted nursery, based in England. Each flourishing plant will be dispatched directly to your home. Please note, the image to the right indicates the quality of flowers your plant will produce, but is not variety specific.


Sustainability is one of our priorities, and as such, our Chrysanthemums are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. Aside from being recyclable, they will keep them nice and secure on their journey.

Please see our below guidance on your Chrysanthemum's care:

Watering: Once planted in your garden, you should provide your Chrysanthemums with sufficient waterings. When watering, try to avoid wetting the plant's foliage, as this can risk disease. It is instead best to water the base of the plant.

Deadheading: To promote a long flowering period, you should deadhead any flowers that appear spent. Simply rescind each flower at their base, taking care to not cut other parts of the plant.

Winter Protection: For our indoor Chrysanthemum varieties, you should bring them indoors come November, where they can flower as prolifically as possible.

More Information
Common Name Chrysanthemum
Features Foliage Bedding
Flower Colour Red
Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Type Bedding Plants
Latin Name Chrysanthemum