Classical Terminal Stone Statue - Winter

Code: DF0321
Classical Terminal Stone Statue - Winter
Classical Terminal Stone Statue - Winter

A terminal is a classical style of architecture which was popular in the 16th century, and refers to a bust which becomes a square, tapering column. This Art Nouveau statue is a representation of spring in human form, but the delicate sculpture is sure to bring delight in all seasons. With the way this terminal develops a weathered patina, soon no one will know that you don't have original Greek statuary in your garden.


  • Classically influenced - perfect for adding a little history to your garden
  • Slim and elegant - easy to fit into even small spaces
  • Ivy pillar decorations - a beautiful reminder of winter
  • Handmade in composite stone
  • Will develop an antique patina, giving it a sense of history

This classically styled statue is reminiscent of terminals of the goddess Artemis. Dating back as far as 7th century BC, it has a history which will add grandeur and antiquity to your outdoor space. The slender column gives the appearance of a woman, and the flowing lines of the clothing and hair are simply exquisite. The decorative ivy added to the column gives a realistic feel, as if the plants themselves are alive and climbing to reach the personification of the season above. The composite stone material encourages moss and lichen, as well as easily taking on a weathered patina, giving the statue the appearance of something much older. These items, once they have achieved the desired weathered look, have been known to be worth many times their asking price at auction houses, so they make a valuable addition to your outdoor space.


Height 1.45m (4ft 9in)
Base: Width 26.5cm (10½in)

Weight 128kg


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