Clematis Alpina 'Burford' - 2.5L Pot

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Clematis Alpina 'Burford' - 2.5L Pot
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Clematis Alpina 'Burford' - 2.5L Pot
Clematis Alpina 'Burford' - 2.5L Pot

Despite its delicate appearance the Clematis Alpina Burford is a tough, resilient and low maintenance plant. This highly versatile Clematis is happiest in a sunny spot with shaded roots and can be grown on walls, pergolas, frames or in containers where it can grow up to two and a half metres in height. In early spring it blooms and produces fantastic, delicate white flowers with long dainty petals. With its easy upkeep and beautiful flowers this hardy plant would be an excellent addition to any garden.

  • Arrives as: In a 2.5L Pot on a 90cm Cane
  • Approx. Growth Height and Spread: 1.5-2.5m x 1m-1.5m
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Flowering Group: Group 1 (Spring Flowering) April until May
  • Pruning Group: Group 1
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Evergreen/ Deciduous: Deciduous
  • Scented: No
  • Hardiness: Very Hardy
  • Position: Full Sun/ Partial Shade
  • Habit: Climbing
  • Soil: Moist and Well Drained

Optional Extras
  • Black Bamboo Expandable Fencing Screening Trellis 1.8m x 0.9m (6ft x 3ft) - By Papillon™
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  • 30m Galvanised Wire 1.6mm
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  • All-purpose Liquid Seaweed Stimulant by Empathy - 1L
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Caring and Maintenance

As there are such a wide range of Clematis plants different types have specifics needs. However, all growing Clematis vines need to be supported to enable it to climb and they all need to be pruned once a year in early spring. For more details click here.


Clematis plants can be grown in 2-3 litre containers and also planted in the garden. The Clematis is best bought when it is at least 2 years old and the roots need to be well developed before planting. The Clematis prefers to grow in sunny locations but will also thrive in partial shade. The roots need to be kept cool and shaded and the soil should be moist and well drained with plenty of space for adequate air flow.


There are many different varieties of Clematis and they are classified into three groups depending on their blooming time and characteristics. Group 1 features spring bloomers, Group 2 are repeat bloomers, and Group 3 are summer or fall bloomers.

This is an example of one of our 2.5L Clematis, pictured in April


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