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Codiaeum 'Sunny Star' | Croton Plant

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Native to Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia, Croton plants offer up fiery foliage filled with truly spectacular colour. There is a huge amount of variation in the shape and colours of foliage and as houseplants, they are an easy way to add character to any room. They hold the common name of Joseph's Coat after the amazing technicoloured Dreamcoat! This variety has large paddle-shaped leaves in a beautiful variegated mix of green yellow and red. Though Crotons have a reputation for being fussy plants that are tricky to care for, setting up correctly from the start can allow them to mature into a plant that's very hardy and difficult to go wrong with. They'll be happiest in bright direct light to mimic their native Oceanic habitat.
  • Estimated Plant Height: 90cm
  • Pot Diameter: 10L
  • Preferred Location: Bright light- in the height of summer introduce filtered light
  • Watering Requirements: Water regularly to keep soil moist but do not allow to sit in water and reduce waterings in winter. Mist to increase humidity


Plant Theory has sustainability at its heart. This means that every plant will be delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. The intuitive box design is plastic free and will keep your plant safe on their journey to your home.

All Plants Supplied In Nursery Pot

Please note, all of our house plants arrive in a nursery pot as standard. You can find a more permanent home for your plant in our wide range of indoor plant pots.

Crotons have a bad reputation for being difficult to care for but getting a few things right will set you up for success. Don't be surprised if a few leaves drop when you first position in in your home as this is a natural reaction to being moved; once settled, leave it be. This plant will appreciate a position in bright sun throughout the day. In the height of summer heat you can introduce some filtered light to avoid scorching the lovely leaves. When it comes to watering, you need to keep the soil moist through summer but you can reduce waterings in the winter. When watering, allow the water to flow through the soil and out of the drainage holes before returning to a display pot. You can also increase humidity by misting the leaves.
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