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Common Rush Juncus Effusus - 1L Pot

Code: PL0810
Common Rush Juncus Effusus - 1L PotCommon Rush Juncus Effusus - 1L Pot
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Common Rush Juncus Effusus - 1L PotCommon Rush Juncus Effusus - 1L Pot

Common Rush Juncus Effusus - 1L Pot

Juncus Effusus is a tall emergent perennial plant, native to Britain, which helps to maintain optimal pond water conditions and naturally streamline filtration processes. It also has highly decorative properties which make it a versatile plant, suitable for beautifying pond margins and water-flows. It will provide a good habitat for wildlife as well. It features dense clumps of deep green upright stems and clusters of tiny tufted brown flowers positioned irregularly on the sides of the stems. Juncus Effusus is an evergreen plant, which means that the foliage of the plant persists and remains green throughout the year.


  • Foliage Colour: deep green
  • Flower Colour: brown
  • Approx. Growth Height: up to 100-120cm
  • Max. spread: 60cm
  • Planting Time: spring
  • Flowering Time: summer
  • Uses: zone 1 & 2 of a pond, swamps, marshes, streams, bog gardens, meadows
  • Origin: native
  • Waterfowl resistant
  • Edible Parts: leaves
  • Habit: tufted clumps
  • Exposure: exposed, sheltered
  • Hardiness: hardy
  • Rate of Growth: average to fast
  • Suitable for medium and large ponds


  • Light Requirements: full sun, partial sun
  • Moisture: shallow water, damp soil
  • Soil requirements: clay, loamy, sandy, acidic, alkaline, neutral


Plant in a medium sized pot with up to 24cm of water above the planting basket or in the damp soil. Plant spacing: approx. 30-50cm. Aquatic and marginal plants should be placed in pond plant baskets filled with aquatic soil and topped with a thin layer of gravel to help prevent the soil from washing away. This plant is suitable for zones 1 & 2 of a pond.

Caring and Maintenance:

This is a very low maintenance yet vigorous pond side plant which spreads to form large clumps quickly. Propagate from seeds in winter/spring, or by division in spring/autumn. Large clumps can be planted directly into soil. All wandering clumps can be trimmed to control plant growth.

Our range of filtration plants include varieties that have been specially selected for their excellent ability to absorb toxins and waste products from the water. Their roots grow into dense underwater mats, nature's way of filtering the pond water to keep it clear and sweet. They also help in attaining a natural, balanced pool without using harmful chemicals. These water-plants are now used extensively throughout Europe by water authorities to treat raw sewage before being released back into the environment. This collection offers a cost-effective natural filtration system.

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