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Complete Potato Barrel Kit With Seed Potatoes & Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics Veg Compost - Arran Pilot

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Everything you need to grow your very own potatoes

We've put together a kit complete with all the ingredients need for a successful potato harvest in your own garden. Select you seed potato variety and we will send them to you along with our most [popular potato barrel and Miracle Gro's® specially formulated "Grow Your Own Vegetable" compost, guaranteed to give your plants the best start in life.

The Victorian Potato Barrel allows you to grow potatoes from your own garden or patio, no matter how small it is.

It has a capacity of 80 litres, boasts an rigid yet elegant design and is reinforced with steel wires to ensure maximum stability. The intuitive design and easy access sliding doors makes planting simple and your potatoes easy to harvest!

Included in this kit

  • Victorian Potato Barrel - H60cm x D43cm
  • 40L Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics Fruit & Veg Compost
  • 1kg Bag of Seed Potatoes

Potato Variety

Arran Pilot King Edward Maris Piper
Quantity 1kg Bag 1kg Bag 1kg Bag
Type First Early Maincrop Maincrop
Harvesting Time June - August September - October September - October
Uses Boiling, Salad Boiling, Mashing, Baking, Roasting, Chips Boiling, Mashing, Baking, Roasting, Chips
Planting Time March - April April - May April - May
Tasting NotesExcellent, earthy taste Rich tasting, nutty potato Popular for creamy taste
Planting Guide How Your Kit Will Arrive

Preparing your potato barrel

  1. Find a flat, sunny spot to place your barrel.
  2. You can set the barrel on top of blocks to improve drainage
  3. Mix the Grow Your Own compost with topsoil in a 3:1 ratio
  4. Add approx 6 inches of the soil mixture to the bottom of the barrel

Planting your potato barrel

  1. Encourage a 3/4 potatoes to sprout by leaving in a cool room out of direct sunlight
  2. When sprouted, space the potatoes, eyes pointing up, 4-6 inches apart in the barrel
  3. Cover the potatoes with 6” layer of the soil mix and then water to keep the soil moist at all times
  4. Repeat step 1 with a further batch of potatoes and when the foliage of the first batch reaches 6 inches, cover with soil to 75% of visible stems and repeat step 2 with the next batch of potatoes
  5. Repeat this until the barrel is full


    You can choose whether to harvest your potatoes as “new,” which are thin-skinned and small, or mature potatoes, which are older, larger, and have slightly thicker skins.

  1. When the top layer of plants begin to flower, new potatoes can be harvested. Carefully dig down with your hands to pick new potatoes.
  2. The remaining layers can all be harvested now as new potatoes, or later.
  3. If you choose to wait, harvest after approx 14-16 16 weeks after planting, when the foliage has died back. Simply dump the barrel out on a groundsheet and pick out your crop.

Your potato barrel and compost will arrive in one delivery whilst you seed potatoes will be sent direct from the grower a couple of days later.

All our seed potatoes are all harvested at just the right time to ensure they are of the best quality and size. With careful handling and specialised packaging, we can assure you that your seeds will arrive in perfect condition.

More Information
Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Type First Early Potatoes, Maincrop Potatoes, Seed Potatoes