Complete Wormery Accessory Kit

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Complete Wormery Accessory Kit
Complete Wormery Accessory Kit

This kit contains everything you need to start a new wormery or restart an existing one. A Guttermate wormery is an excellent way of increasing your chances of growing success in the garden by producing high-quality nutrient-rich compost and plant food. Totally eco-friendly, wormeries use the natural digestive system and feeding behaviour of worms to convert your kitchen food waste into valuable by-products.

Once set up the wormery requires nothing more than a top-up with your kitchen food waste. You’ll be diverting waste away from landfill as well as saving money from further store-bought garden compost and plant food.

Read below for the full contents of the kit and to see more about setting up a wormery via the Youtube video or PDF guide.

  • Environmentally-friendly - reduce the amount of household rubbish going to landfill by converting kitchen food waste into a nutritional compost for your garden
  • Included worms - the pack comes with Tiger worms, a breed selected for their great appetite and speed of reproduction
  • Detailed guide book - you’ll find everything you need to know about getting great compost from your wormery
  • Nutrient-rich compost - the end result from vermicomposting is a nutrient-rich fertiliser and soil conditioner
What's in the box?
  • 2 x pouches of Tiger worms
  • 1 Coir worm bedding block
  • 1.5kg Lime mix
  • 1.5kg Worm treats
  • 1 x Moisture mat
  • 1 x tap
  • A Wormery information guide
  • Composting with Worms book
  • Guide and Instructions

    Optional Extras
    • 3 Tray Deluxe Tiger Wormery in Black (46.5L)
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    • 3 Tray Deluxe Tiger Wormery in Green (46.5L)
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    • 3 Tray Deluxe Tiger Wormery in Red (46.5L)
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    • 3 Tray Animal Waste Tiger Wormery in Black (46.5L)
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    • 4 Tray Deluxe Tiger Wormery in Black (62L)
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    • 4 Tray Deluxe Tiger Wormery in Green (62L)
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    • 4 Tray Deluxe Tiger Wormery in Red (62L)
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    How to use:

    1. Once set up the wormery harnesses the natural tendency of the worms as they travel upwards following the food, leaving the nutrient rich compost behind them in the trays below.
    2. The trays are stackable so that when one tray fills up another can be placed on top so the worms always have space to move into.
    3. After 6 months you will most likely be up to the third tray and at this point the bottom tray will be ready for harvesting.
    4. Simply remove the bottom-most tray to harvest the compost and you’ll have a spare tray ready to place back on the top to continue the process.
    5. You will also have a build-up of liquid feed in the sump tray which can be collected approximately 3-4 weeks after beginning the wormery and then checked on a weekly basis.
    6. The liquid food can be collected by simply using the supplied tap, from which it can be diluted into a watering can.

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