Corten Steel Square BBQ & Grill - 1m (3ft 3in)

Code: OL8004
Corten Steel Square BBQ & Grill  - 1m (3ft 3in)

The spherical fire bowl has a round wide, thick flat roasting plate that you use as teppanyaki or plancha. The roasting plate has different cooking temperatures. The centre of the plate is warmer as the outer sides so cooking is even easier and all ingredients can be served together. The Grill® is beautifully designed and creates a special experience of cooking in an atmospheric way together with your guests. Whether you are baking eggs, slowly cooking vegetables, grilling a tender steak or preparing a fish meal, with the Grill® you discover a completely new world full of possibilities for outdoor cooking. You can grill and bake at the same time thanks to the included BBQ grill.

This barbeque is a great tool for entertaining in your garden. The Roasting plate and included grill allow you to cook a variety of foods at different temperatures adding variety to your garden parties.


  • Height: 115cm (3ft 9¼in)
  • Depth: 100cm (3ft 3½in)
  • Corten Steel - Rust Surface with Protective Layer

    Corten is a type of steel that naturally weathers over time, and developing an attractive and protective rust layer. Although somewhat paradoxical, the steel surface of the planter develops a coating of rust which is engineered to protect against further corrosion and keep the steel under-layer in good condition. In other words, the steel is allowed to rust in order to form the protective coating. This protective layer develops due to the elements that are active in the alloys of the steel. It regenerates continuously when subjected to the influence of water and oxygen.


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