D32cm Light Polystone Large Egg Shape Planter in Black

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D32cm Light Polystone Large Egg Shape Planter in Black
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D32cm Light Polystone Large Egg Shape Planter in Black

Many gardeners love the look of stone planters, but are often put off by the weight. With our new range of lightweight polystone planters, that needn't be a worry any more.

Polystone brilliantly mimics the look and strength of real stone, presenting a lighter and more affordable alternative to the real thing. This durable material is made by combining resin with powdered stone and results in planters which are less likely to chip or fracture. Our new lightweight polystone planters take the greatest assets of polystone and combines them with a thinner, sleeker design that drastically lowers the weight of our products. The eye-catching results offer the same regal sense of style that heavier stone planters bring to an outside space.

  • Durable construction - cast in polystone, this planter is less likely to chip or fracture
  • Lightweight - easy to pick up and relocate unlike traditional polystone
  • Mimics real stone - cleverly constructed planter looks just like real stone, bringing a sophisticated feel to your garden
  • Sleek appearance - thinner, lighter design perfect for modern and classic gardens alike
  • Perfect for both indoor or outdoor use
  • Height: 27cm (10½in)
  • Diameter: 32cm (12½in)
  • Weight: 3kg

This planter is also available in a range of sizes and colours:

Light Polystone

This planter is incredibly lightweight compared to traditional polystone planters, allowing you the freedom to pick and relocate your planter whenever you like. Despite its hugely decreased weight, these planters maintain the high-quality look and feel of their heavier counterparts.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.0/5 (1 review)

Rating: 4/5

"These pots are not cheap, but they were exactly what we were looking for. It would be nice if a drainage hole was pre drilled, but it wasn't too much bother to do that. The pots from our second delivery are marginally higher - not really an issue as they will not be directly next to each other, but something to bear in mind if you are,and perhaps purchase all you need at the same time."

Reviewed Thursday, 16 August 2018

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