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Metal Garden Fence Panels

Metal Garden Fence 

The metal version of our decorative fence panels, these metal panels and border edges will add a classic designed look to your garden, like those you might find at a National Trust property or public garden. From small edges like 35cm tall easy fences to our 5ft 8in corten steel panels, there's sure to be something to suit your fence panel needs at Primrose.

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Metal Garden Fence FAQs

  • Benefits of Metal Fence Panels

    The key benefit of metal fence panels is their durability. Designed for longevity and to stand up to tough weather conditions, metal fencing is built to last. Other reasons to invest in metal fence panels include added security with taller designs, and easy installation that will require little maintenance. 
  • Are Metal Fences Better Than Wood Fences?

    One of the top reasons people choose wood fencing rather than metal is because the impression is that wood fence panels will be more attractive. But with decorative metal fencing available in a range of styles, metal fence panels don’t have to look drab. In fact, they can offer much more variety than wooden fencing, are more durable, and can work out less expensive in the long-run.
  • Are Metal Garden Fences Expensive?

    The upfront cost of metal garden fencing could be more than other garden fence panels, but their longevity means that you’re unlikely to need to spend money on maintenance or replacing the panels in the short-term. To discover fence panels that suit your budget, browse our full range of garden fencing at Primrose.