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Decorative Fencing

Decorative Fence Panel 

There's more than one way to divide a garden or increase your privacy, and decorative screening and fence panels are one of the most eye-catching ways to go. There's garden screening - natural materials woven or tied to create rolls, hurdle panels -  made of woods like willow and hazel (check out the Papillon brand exclusive to Primrose), and metal garden fence panels - great for decoration and edging. Whatever your screening style, we've got the solution for you.

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Decorative Fencing FAQs

  • Decorating with a garden fence

    A garden fence is essential if you want to have privacy from your neighbours, but garden fencing doesn’t simply have to be a practical option. Make your garden fence work for you by choosing a decorative fence panel. 

    This can be as patterned or as simple as you like, but the key difference between a decorative fence and a standard fence is that decorative fencing adds in textures and layers that you’d otherwise have to manually create with the addition of climbing plants and flowers.

  • Decorating with garden screening

    The difference between decorative garden screening and fencing is that decorative screening can be added to a fence, rather than replacing it. Often, people will install garden screening as a way to increase their privacy – particularly by adding to the height of their existing garden fence. 

    Decorative garden screening allows you to do this, but also brings the added benefit of improving the texture and appearance of the standard fencing without having to grow climbing plants or install other decorative garden features.

  • How To Use Decorative Hurdles

    Often used as dividers for particular areas of the garden, decorative hurdles such as willow and hazel hurdles transform a practical divider into a point of interest in the garden. Your decorative hurdles can blend in or stand out as much as you’d like them to, but they offer an alternative to plain dividers that require additional plants or decor to improve the appearance.

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