How to use your garden mirror

Extending interior décor to outdoor space is a growing trend, and this includes the art of mirrors. The use of garden decoration is not limited only to your creativity with plants and planters. Placing a weatherproof mirror in your outdoor space can completely transform a garden into a spacious, well-lit place of tranquility, ideal for relaxing or entertaining.

Which style should i choose?

Give a modern twist to the traditional with a shabby chic and gothic design. Creating a unique illusion of space, this rustic style mirror delicately adds a touch of contemporary decor, while also making a wink at traditional bespoke design. Consider your garden and its color scheme when choosing a mirror. If you are unsure, opt for a white or charcoal tone, this will keep the versatility and can match almost anything!

Ideal for transforming smaller spaces are the fake mirrors. You can opt for a decorative design or add eccentricity and fun to the garden with a faux window or gate mirror.

Faux mirrors are great for adding depth to a garden and getting the most out of your plants through mirror art. If you are inspired by country style, you might like our range of shuttered mirrors.

Where should i place a garden mirror?

After selecting the garden mirror, you will have to face the delicate question of "where should I put it?" Ideally, you should place the mirror in a location where it reflects your flower beds or vegetable garden greenery. For example, incorrect placement would reflect part of a building or a compost pile. You may also want to tilt the mirror to get the best possible reflection - one tip for this is to use a block of wood behind the back of the mirror. Make sure not to place the mirror in direct sunlight to avoid danger. Also, avoid placing the mirror too high, this helps prevent it from being mistaken by birds for free space.

What can I combine my garden mirror with?

Be as creative as you want! I've always liked the idea of ​​growing climbing plants around garden mirrors, so that they naturally wrap around the setting and blend in beautifully with each other. Arched lattice mirrors are perfect for this. Lavender wisteria or climbing roses in your favorite color would have an incredibly elegant look if they surrounded a lattice mirror. The mirror frame would be masked by green and the acrylic mirror types are 10 times stronger than glass. In addition, the garden mirrors are extraordinarily weatherproof and unbreakable.